The communities and municipalities that participated in the program had different geographical, social, economic and environmental features. For example, some of them were municipalities of urban centres with approximately 30.000 human populations capable and willing to support schools efforts. Several of these urban centres suffered with serious environmental problems, such as air pollution, lack of green areas, environmental pollution, and solid waste. In other cases, communities counted up to 500 people were situated in areas of high environmental importance, distant form urban centres but with limited resources, and expertise and means to support schools. The participation of the local authorities (municipalities or communities) was based on the special circumstances for each community, its particularities and its potential. The stakeholders that participated from each Municipality and Community were different and depended on the issue under investigation in each area. For example, in a Larnaka school, the exploration issue was “Traffic congestion outside our school”. Participants in the program were the local authorities, the shop owners of the area, the ministry of Transport and the local police. In Anavargos community in Paphos district, the program topic “Creating a botanic garden in our Neighborhood” involved the local population, the local authorities and professionals from local workshops elaborating scented oils from herbs, traditional restaurants, the Forest Department and botanists.

Regardless who the actors and the participating groups in the program were, it was important for them to realise that they all had to overcome their doubts and understand the importance of their contribution in the program, their involvement and its importance as well as the importance of the outcomes for the community.


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